Edit Notion databases like Excel files

Tauleta does one thing, and it does it well. Access your Notion databases in a familiar spreadsheet interface. No more clicking around or dealing with wonky drop-downs. Edit fast and safely.

Notion rocks
Editing databases sucks

We love Notion. We live in Notion. Notion is our digital second mind.

But mass-editing databases is not fun

Tauleta fixes that

A familiar interface

If you have ever used a spreadsheet like Excel, you’ll find yourself right at home. Use your muscle memory

Safety first

Tauleta uses the official Notion API to access your information safely. All editing is done client-side, that is, on your computer

Looks like home

See all your Notion colors, search through your tags and associated databases and preview links and images right on the table

How does it work?

Can’t be easier. It’s really plug and play.

Log-in with Notion

Access your notion account directly through the official API integration.

Give access

Allow Tauleta access on the databases you want to edit.

Edit away

Do your changes and review them easily.


Your changes get synced with Notion and appear automatically on your databases.

Want to check it out?

We are working hard to get Tauleta ready for the general public
If you want to try it during our closed Beta just enter your email below

    A simple pricing
    for a not-so-simple tool

    Try it for free for tables up to 50 rows
    Upgrade to Pro for lifetime access



    / forever

    • Unlimited databases
    • Unlimited usage
    • Limited to tables up to 50 entries



    / once

    • Everything in Free
    • Unlimited database size